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With concepts of the "airport of the future" emerging, we considering it important to be focused on innovative solutions for the air travel industry. Both airports and airlines are looking to Image Manufacturing Group for consultative insight into resources that will drive their efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and elevate their brand.

We've had the privilege of working with regional and major metropolitan airports and the world's largest airlines, including Delta, United, and American, in various capacities including:

  • Exterior signage, parking garage and exterior wayfinding
  • Branded digital exterior signage
  • Kiosks including ticketing, bag drop, boarding, and baggage claim (including self-tagging and self-bag drop)
  • Charging station design and construction for customer holding areas as well as flight attendant and pilot lounges
  • Mobile cart design and manufacturing and technical integration
  • Digital PIDS & FIDS systems and enclosures

In addition, we maintain strong partnerships with leading companies in the industry to insure that we are delivering comprehensive and relevant solutions. Each of our partners brings years of creative insight into the trends and innovations that the industry will experience in the future as air travel continues to evolve and becomes more focused on empowering the traveler while maintaining a secure environment.

Contact us today, and let us collaborate with you, understand your challenges, and deliver the best design and quality implementation that improves your customer's satisfaction.