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From the moment that someone leaves their home to the moment they arrive at their destination within the healthcare facility, there are steps that can be implemented to make their journey more comfortable. Image Manufacturing Group's focus in healthcare is to partner with designers who understand these dynamics. We have had the privilege of working with firms and healthcare facilities nationwide. Our goal is to deliver custom-designed signage and digital solutions that make the trip from point-to-point more comfortable.

Digital wayfinding solutions provide visitors online and mobile instructions to find their way to the complex. Once they arrive on the campus, exterior signage should clearly help navigate to the vicinity of their stopping point. Finally, strong internal wayfinding signage, both traditional and digital, directs them to their meeting place. Implement informational digital signage and kiosks to deliver comprehensive wayfinding details.

Healthcare environments can be naturally stressful, so anything that is done to reduce that anxiety is often welcomed. Properly produced and installed signage on any hospital campus is key to ensuring they receive proper care.

Let us help you create a strong ecosystem of communication for the best patient and visitor experience.