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For most, a school's campus is home away from home. The campus should be a place of comfort, of safety, and enjoyment. But it must also serve it's primary purpose...educating its students.

College campuses must reflect spirit. They can also be difficult to navigate. Over campuses with large footprints, building identity is key to providing cohesion. Creating and installing static and digital signage that incorporate the school's identity and effective directional wayfinding is key to a great experience for students and visitors alike. Incorporating digital components provides versatility in labeling spaces for various purposes. "E-paper" solutions are cost-effective sign systems for changing the room identity without high costs of integration and maintenance. 

We have built solutions for state and private universities, art schoolsmedical colleges, and community colleges. Whether it's a complete campus, parking garage, educational environment, administrative space, or athletic facility, Image Manufacturing Group is equipped to tackle the challenge. Contact us today.