IMG Launches PB&J Campaign

Whether the last time you enjoyed one was yesterday or years ago, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich has a unique ability to bring back great memories (unless you have an allergy). Peanut butter and jelly is also a great illustration of how two capabilities come together to offer a unique yet beneficial combination for our customers.

In a May 2014 interview with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Pepsico’s chairwoman & CEO Indra K. Nooyi discussed the dynamics of a diversified Pepsico. Pepsico’s products—snacks and beverages—are sold around the world, and over the years, the company has come under pressure to divest of certain brands and categories. But the argument for maintaining a diversified portfolio remains strong, and Nooyi’s insights about starting a new food and beverage company are motivating. Here’s what she shared in a portion of that interview:

“I think if you were starting to create a food and beverage company, you would actually try to create a Pepsico. If you were a beverage company, you would look to marry up with a snacks company. If you were a salty snack company, you would look to marry a beverage company. Let me tell you why…if you eat a salty snack, you have to drink a beverage with it. You have to, there’s no ‘if’ or ‘but’ about it, all the time, every day.

And if you drink a beverage, half the time, it’s with a salty snack, so the pairing of these two is just like peanut butter and jelly, as we always say, they just go together, they just naturally go together. So if you were creating a food and beverage portfolio in the convenience space, you would be creating a Pepsico. I’ll say that without a doubt.”

So what does that have to do with Image Manufacturing Group?

In 2011, at a time when our economic conditions were not ideal for startups, Image Manufacturing Group launched as a perfectly diversified company. With the asset and goodwill purchase of two 20 year-old companies—an architectural signage manufacturer and a kiosk creator—the leadership of IMG built its own peanut butter-and-jelly scenario to deliver a perfect solution for our customers.

The vision of IMG’s owners is even more significant and applicable today as environmental and experiential design firms, integrators, software & hardware developers, and end users from various markets are focused on the dynamic combination of static sign environments united with digital and touchable experiences. In that regard, few companies can claim the experience, creativity, and manufacturing capability that lives under one roof like that of Image
Manufacturing Group.

The great news about partnering with an innovative, diversified company is that you have the choice of leveraging our signage know-how, digital and customer experience practice, or both. Think of it like choosing to enjoy your peanut butter or jelly individually, or (for the greatest fulfillment) combine them into one complete experience.

Today, Image Manufacturing Group is thriving as a nationally-recognized, award-winning leader in manufacturing products essential to the success of the brands and companies we serve.  

So consider Image Manufacturing Group like Pepsico…a well-positioned, diversified, and creative company ready to design, engineer, integrate, and manufacture solutions that will elevate brands in various markets to new heights, enhance environments like never before, and change people’s lives through great experiences.

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