What does 20,000 square feet mean to our customers?

Next week, Image Manufacturing Group will add 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space to our current 75,000. Within the next month, we'll add another 8,000 (or as soon as the current tenant relocates across the street). 20,000 square feet might not seem like a big deal. Let's face it...there are companies similar to ours boasting much larger facilities. But all facilities are not created equal.

According to Mike Pawich, Vice President of Manufacturing, "More space means more capacity and more efficiency. This space will double our exterior fabrication capabilities. As soon as the space is added, we'll add more equipment and personnel, especially in fabrication and paint. We will relocate some equipment and give our interior department and kiosk department more room to produce and assemble. Once the space is finished, we'll evaluate our plans for a second shift that will grow our capacity even further."

As a company, we're always conscious of growth. In any manufacturing environment, capacity is a factor for managing costs but also meeting customer demand. The great news is customer demand is high, and that's a tribute to our great team who is focused on producing the best quality possible. 

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